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A-Roma Bakery Cafe Reviews on Grubhub


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Quickly becoming my reliable, tried and true takeout! Their service is fast AND friendly! Their food is delicious and they adjust to order if you leave a comment in the notes. I am addicted to their bagel/lox/cream cheese sandwich and coffee and their Italian pastries remind me of the ones I used to eat growing up in Dyker Heights! Their pasta dishes are incredible! Fresh, tasty and reasonably priced!


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They didn't see my order till I called to follow up an hour later, and then it took another 40 minutes. So you might want to follow up with them after you order. But other than that. It was SO GOOD. I ordered a sandwich with shmear and a mocha.


Top Reviewer
The quiche was smaller than I expected, I was glad I also got the croissant (which was delicious). I'll just keep ordering the bagel sandwiches for when I'm really hungry


1 review
great bagels with generous, tasty fillings. great desserts. will order again very soon.


1 review
Love the love I get whenever I order from here

Reviews from Seamless.com

A-Roma Bakery Cafe Reviews on Seamless


Top Reviewer
There is no exaggeration here when I say that this is best restaurant on all of Seamless. I order from here an embarrassing number of times a week. Recc: mozzarella sandwich, gnocchi pomodoro, literally ANY pastry and the lasagna is also to die for. Delivery always on time. Packaging is always right. Zero complaints.


Top Reviewer
the Bombolone (small with Nutella creme) was gorgeous. Light, fluffy and with that lovely sweet center from the Nutella creme. The cheese and bacon quiche was also great, small (but I prefer that) and with a well baked pastry case. Highly recommended.


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The quiche and the croissants were absolutely amazing, and the food was delivered on time. But I ordered a machiatto and it came half spilled, with barely any left in the cup, and it tasted like turkish coffee with no cream or sugar.


Top Reviewer
Love these guys... I order every weekend and food quality is awesome and delivery has always been on time!

Note to owners: Please get olive cream cheese! Its the only reason I order from other places sometimes


2 reviews
Best and Sophisticated food!
Can't stop ordering from this place. My favorite salad and croissant ever! People are so nice too.
Definitely recommend !!!

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